Merry Christmas!

Let's sing a Christmas carol and let's listen to Rudolph's story. 

Elf craft

You can make a fun elf craft like the one in the video. You can use the link below to print the template.

Merry Christmas!

Let's see how Christmas is celebrated in Britain. 

Let's practice some Christmas vocabulary!


Matching numbers to words

Here's a game and a poster to help with your homework!

Choose only 1-10. 




Eensy weensy spider

4 year-olds are learning interesting facts about spiders, so we are going to sing this song in English class. Enjoy!


School supplies

LH 1 students are learning vocabulary related to the school supplies.

1. Listen and repeat 

2. Practice with this easy peasy game. Click on the photo. 


We love dinosaurs!

As you already know, 5 year-olds have been learning lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs. Here is a sample of what we will do in English class.

1. Introduce vocab: Watch 1 minute only 

2. Sing and dance 

3. Watch for fun


My family

HH4 students have just started learning the family members. Let's practice!


Halloween at home

You can try some of these ideas to celebrate Halloween!

In this video you will learn how to make Halloween decorations.

You can also draw a witch with this tutorial!



It's almost time for Halloween! Let's watch how children celebrate Halloween. 

And also some fun videos!

How's the weather?

Welcome to our new English blog!

Welcome to our English blog for infants (4-5 year olds) and Primary First. Young learners will find interesting resources and videos related to our English lessons. We will also upload pictures of students enjoying in class or taking part in different activities.

Ongi etorri HH 4, 5 eta LH 1 Ingeleseko blogera! Ikasle gaztetxoentzat hainbat baliabide eta bideo izango dituzue eskuragarri, klasean landutakoarekin zerikusia izango dutenak. Baita ikasleen argazkiak klasean egiten ditugun ekintzetan parte hartzen.

¡Bienvenidos al blog de inglés para alumnos de 4 y 5 años de Infantil y primero de Primaria! En este blog encontraréis diferentes enlaces y videos relacionados con los temas que trabajaremos en clase de inglés. También publicaremos fotos de los alumnos participando en diferentes actividades en clase.